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As the Earth Hurls (part 3 of 3 - Safety tips)

(Sorry - didn't post this here Fri and only have a few moments now so linking directly to APN blog. Stay safe out there! j & B)

Courtesy of Bill and Janet Liebsch of Arizona Preppers Network

As the Earth Hurls (part 3 of 3 - Safety tips)

Did you know there are 169 active volcanoes in the U.S. … and 54 of them are a very high or high threat to public safety? Let’s discuss what a volcano is and why it can be dangerous to your health and belongings. ...

Read full post http://www.americanpreppersnetwork.com/ ... -tips.html

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As the Earth Hurls (part 2 of 3 - Supervolcanoes)

Figured I'd help NIP out -- below appeared on APN blog this a.m. Hope pics & links work ok! Watch for part 3 Fri. j

Courtesy of Bill and Janet Liebsch of Arizona Preppers Network

As the Earth Hurls (part 2 of 3 - Supervolcanoes)

Although there are only a handful of supervolcanoes, every 100,000 years or so their catastrophic eruptions typically cover huge areas with lava and ash and can potentially cause a mini ice age or threaten extinction. For example, it’s possible the Toba caldera on Sumatra, Indonesia caused enough climate change to almost wipe out humanity 74,000 years ago. And the Siberian Traps are thought to have wiped out 90% of species over 250 million years ago.

Please understand the reason we are covering this topic is not to intimidate or fear monger, but rather to educate people about the existence of these since they play a role in our planet’s history.

Some data and statistics from The Sydney Herald …

The last time a supervolcano erupted was 74,000 years ago, when the Toba caldera threw out nearly twice the volume of Mount Everest in magma. And Toba was more than 5000 times as explosive as the eruption of Mount St Helens in 1980.

Possible contenders for the next eruption include Yellowstone volcano in Wyoming, the Phlegrean fields volcano west of Naples, Italy, and Lake Taupo in New Zealand. However, there are many other areas where a supervolcano could pop up, including Indonesia, the Philippines, several Central American countries, the Andes, Japan, the Kamchatka peninsula in eastern Russia, and even Europe (the area around Kos and Nisyros in the Aegean Sea might be a supervolcano). And a few other supervolcanoes in the U.S. are Long Valley (CA) and Valles Caldera (NM).

Yellowstone National Park sits on top of a supervolcano, which erupted 3 times forming 3 massive calderas (or huge craters). According to USGS, the first caldera-forming eruption occurred about 2.1 million years ago. The eruptive blast removed so much magma from its subsurface storage reservoir that the ground above it collapsed into the magma chamber and left a gigantic depression in the ground - a hole larger than the state of Rhode Island. Later, activity shifted to a smaller region in eastern Idaho, just southwest of Yellowstone National Park, and produced another large caldera-forming eruption 1.3 million years ago. A third huge eruption occurred 640,000 years ago forming the Yellowstone caldera which is more than 60 miles (100 km) across. Together, the three catastrophic eruptions expelled enough ash and lava to fill the Grand Canyon.

Yellowstone Caldera courtesy of USGS

According to USGS/Cascades Volcano Observatory, about 760,000 years ago a cataclysmic volcanic eruption in eastern California blew out 150 cubic miles of magma from a depth of about 4 miles beneath the Earth's surface. Rapidly moving hot ash flows covered much of east-central CA, and airborne ash fell as far east as Nebraska. The Earth's surface sank more than 1 mile into the space once occupied by the erupted magma, forming a large caldera. And Long Valley Caldera is only one part of a large volcanic system in eastern California that also includes the Mono-Inyo Craters volcanic chain. This chain extends from Mammoth Mountain at the southwest rim of the caldera northward 25 miles to Mono Lake. The volcanic system is still active. Recent measurements at Mammoth Mountain indicate that the rate of CO2 gas emission is close to 300 tons per day.

But what could be the largest lava flow in history was a massive eruption that occurred in the Siberian Traps about 250 million years ago. According to The Discovery Channel and Wikipedia, the massive eruptive event continued for a million years and spanned the Permian-Triassic boundary, about 251 to 250 million years ago. It is estimated to have killed 90% of species existing at the time. "This is the numero uno candidate for a mass extinction caused by volcanism," said paleontologist Spencer Lucas, a curator at the New Mexico Museum of Natural History. "There's good reason to believe it had something to do with that extinction."

Not all scientists agree that the Siberian Traps were the main reason for the mass extinctions, but the timing of the eruption closely matches up with the P-T extinction.

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons


USGS Yellowstone Volcano Observatory

BBC Supervolcano: The Truth About Yellowstone

Discovery Channel Supervolcano – Siberian Traps

Univ of Wisconsin’s The Why? Files (Volcanic Violence: Ultimate volcano)

The Sydney Morning Herald

Check back tomorrow for Part 3 of 3 about Safety tips.

Originally posted on the American Preppers Network Blog: http://www.AmericanPreppersNetwork.com

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As the Earth Hurls (part 1 of 3 - Iceland)

Courtesy of Bill and Janet Liebsch of Arizona Preppers Network

As the Earth Hurls (part 1 of 3 - Iceland)

Iceland’s Eyjafjallajökull (also known as Eyjafjöll) eruption has been causing headaches for many in Europe and around the world due to flight cancellations, ashfall and gases.

Incredible photo by Dr. Marco Fulle

Some of the comments on recent articles have been amusing like “climate change is causing the eruptions” (implying it’s man’s fault) or “how could something like this happen in Iceland”. People … stop, take a deep breath, look at history, and remember we live on a violent planet.

For example, did you know Iceland - which has 30 volcanic systems and more than 600 hot springs - straddles tectonic plates on the mid-Atlantic ridge, making it one of the most geologically active places on the planet?!

The last time Eyjafjoll erupted [in 1823] it spewed for 14 months straight. And history shows the eruptions may trigger its far more powerful neighbor Katla. According to the CS Monitor, the last major eruption of Katla – a volcano that averages 2 eruptions a century – was in 1918 which is why scientists are watching this very closely. And Katla is just one of the "Angry Sisters" … its even-more active twin is Heckla. Heckla, known in early times as the Mountain of Hell, has erupted 14 times between 1104 and 1970.

According to the BBC, one of the most influential volcanic eruptions in Iceland was the 1783-1784 event at Laki (a fissure with 130 craters) where an estimated 120 million tons of sulfur dioxide were emitted, approximately equivalent to 3 times the total annual European industrial output in 2006.

And the above statistics are just from 1 tiny island. Now, how many active volcanoes are there in the world? According to the Smithsonian Institute’s Global Volcanism Program, the answer to this question depends upon use of the word "active" …

- At least 20 volcanoes will probably be erupting as you read these words (Italy's Stromboli, for example, has been erupting for more than a thousand years);

- roughly 60 erupted each year through the 1990s;

- about 450 historically active volcanoes are in the Ring of Fire around the Pacific Ocean;

- about 1300 (and perhaps more than 1500) have erupted in the Holocene (past 10,000 years);

- and (our favorite statistic) … some estimates of young seafloor volcanoes exceed one million.

And remember, all active volcanoes spew and seep sulfur dioxide, carbon dioxide and other nasty stuff … and there are hydrothermal vents (and black smokers) deep underwater around Antarctica and all across the ocean floors. So… instead of blaming mankind for global warming or climate change, just realize Mother Nature belching and releasing gas impacts our planet immensely.

Stay current on Iceland’s Eyjafjallajökull at Institute of Earth Science Nordic
Volcanological Center
http://www2.norvol.hi.is/page/ies_Eyjaf ... l_eruption

Check back tomorrow for Part 2 of 3 on Supervolcanoes.

Originally posted on the American Preppers Network Blog: www.AmericanPreppersNetwork.com

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Preppers on Russia Today

From the APN blog: www.AmericanPreppersNetwork.com

Here is a video about Preppers on Russia Today. Now I didn't even know about this one, and as a matter of fact, I probably wouldn't have found out about it had it not been forwarded to me. But here you will get the opportunity to see Joe Parish from the Delaware Preppers Network. Congratulations Joe! I think you did good.

Link here:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vrz_mBcg ... r_embedded

Prepping covers a wide range of topics from homesteading and gardening, to emergency preparedness and disaster skills, to alternative energy and even survivalism and off-grid living. All of these topics have one thing in common: Self-Reliance. Joe is a great writer and believer in the concept of self-reliance. In his writings he covers the survival and patriotic topics real well, and I believe he should have the light shown upon him for his efforts and contributions to teach others these valuable skills.

I do want to point out one line in the video that David said in the interview that I'm sure some will try to take out of context to further their own biased agenda. He mentioned something about being "forced to kill" I want everyone to think about this for a moment because it is a very real statement if you understand the context. In any major disaster you will find out that the best always comes out of humanity in order to help our fellow man and to eventually rebuild afterward. But unfortunately, you will find out that when people are hungry, the worst will also come out. In extreme times of need, good people sometimes do bad things. This is what David was referring to. Those who fail to prepare will find themselves hungry and thirsty during a disaster. If it is a prolonged disaster with no relief in sight, these unprepared individuals will be forced to make decisions that they never would have thought to make. Survival is an instinct. Preparedness is not. If you are not prepared, your instinct to survive will kick in. Natural instinct is often times more powerful than the strongest human will. Try to hold your breath until you pass out. Most people cannot do it, period. Your instinct to breathe will take over and overpower your will. If someone is suffocating you, your instinct will be to fight with all your might. If you have a gun or a knife, you will use it to survive. Now apply that to hunger. It has happened many times throughout history during disasters or extreme situations where good people have done horrible things just in order to eat. Now imagine yourself as someone who is prepared and had your food stored and you find yourself at knife-point by someone who is willing to kill you for your food. There have been many situations where people have had to make the choice to kill or be killed.

Now imagine, if you would, a situation where the majority of people have taken it upon themselves to get prepared and stored adequate amounts of food and water and where that instinct to do whatever it takes to eat doesn't even come into play. What you get is a situation where no matter the disaster, your instinct to fight to live doesn't override your will to do the right thing. What you get is a situation where people can work together to rebuild and not fight to survive.

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Major Food Storage Giveaway

Double Nickel Farm http://doublenickelfarm.blogspot.com/ will be hosting 2 food storage giveaways in the next few weeks. Check in today to see the rules and enter.

Prize 1 Breakfast Pack - 6 number ten cans of freeze dried strawberries, creamy wheat cereal, buttermilk pancakes, imitation bacon bits, and scrambled egg mix.

Prize 2 Dinner Pack- 6 number ten cans of Creamy potato soup, Imitation beef bits, potato gems, honey white bread and roll mix, freeze dried corn, and vegetable stew blend.

Check over the next few days...for the breakfast pack it is a $78.28 value and for the dinner pack it is $80.20 value!

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Latest global announcements

New Server Coming!

We were able to raise enough money to switch to the new server both through much appreciated donations and sponsor revenue. Thank you those of you who donated or purchased the book:

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